Grower Focused Report Design

Paramount Essentials comes loaded with the two reports growers most frequently request, Field Report and Recommendation Summary. All reports are designed to be clear and concise. Enhance the experience and add more reports and features with quality bolt-on packages.


Custom Reporting

Paramount Essentials comes with advanced filtering capabilities. Paramount Reports can pair down by crop and/or product types such as herbicide, insecticide, growth regulators, and more. Combined with the ability to filter by grower, farm, field, season, or dates and the report options grow exponentially.



Delivering reports to your clients couldn't be more simple. Add multiple reports to the queue and get back to your other important tasks. Paramount Reports will notify you when they are ready. Easily download and share reports directly within Paramount.

Looking for clean, organized, and detailed reports for use with software?

Paramount Reports syncs your agX data and provides a multitude of report types so that you can provide your clients with the most professional crop reporting on the market.


Get the best reporting tool for agX data on the market

Paramount Reports is a report generation tool for agX data, designed to generate customizable reports that better utilize data that is entered using software like SST Summit and Sirrus. Paramount connects directly to your agX account and pulls in your growers, farms, and fields and their associated data. The app then provides concise, organized, and colorized reports.

Unlimited Organizational Storage

Unlimited storage of all your reports is included. Our inherent file structure automatically standardizes reports for easy retrieval and reduced liability.


Quick Access to Historical Data

All your generated reports are stored in the cloud and accessible at any time. Easily search and filter to find any report in the Report Library.

Optimized for all devices

Paramount Reports is designed to work for you, whether you're in the field or at home. Designed by the End User for the End User and optimized for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.


Find out how Paramount Reports can set you apart from your competitors

Feature rich and clean, customizable reports for your business.

Essentials and Bolt-On Reports

Paramount Essentials comes with a number of useful reports. Enhance functionality and unlock all reports with feature packed bolt-ons. Below is a list of all reports:


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Paramount Reports is the best and most professional solution for reporting on agX data.

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Paramount Essentials

  • Field Report
  • Recommendation Summary
  • Seasonal Field Info
  • Storage and Sharing
  • Dedicated Tech Support

Features and Reports


  • Irrigation Recommendation
  • Soil Moisture Chart
  • Irrigation Scheduling
  • Enables Evapotranspiration Models

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Satellite Imagery

  • Yearly Imagery Subscription
  • Crop Vigor Report
  • Automated Delivery
  • Includes 50,000 Acres
  • Syncs with agX Enabled Apps

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  • Summary Comments
  • Crop Population
  • Growth Stage by Date
  • Enables Pictures Functionality

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Planning & Recs

  • Pre Season Field Plan
  • Supply List
  • Planted Variety List
  • Sprayer Load Sheet
  • Management Zone Prescriptions

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Soil Sampling

  • Soil Sampling(Labels 1 x 2 5/8)
  • Soil Sampling(Overview)
  • Soil Sampling Lab Check In
  • Soil Test(2 Columns)
  • Soil Test Chart
  • Soil Test Summary
  • Management Zone Soil Tests

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